What is DOBO

Dobo is a sport discipline developed first in 2010 and combines exercise and having fun with the dog. Dobo discipline goals include improving balance, muscle tone and body control, and stretching - and this both for the dog and for the trainer. This means:

  • Developing dog's attention and focus
  • Developing dog's Koiran agility, balance and body control
  • Developing the relationship between the dog and the handler

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Examples of Dobo exercises


Get your Dobo gear from Kompassi

Dobo uses for the exercises balance pads, half-balls and special shape dobo balls shaped like eggs, that come in different sizes for different size of dogs.


Dobo was born in Finland, and first classes were organized in the Kompassi dog school in 2013. Since then, close to 200 instructors were trained and they in turn offer Dobo trainings in Finland and in the world. Find a instructor close to your location from here.



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